Fall Home Trends 2018 Report – What’s hot for your spot!
02 October 2018

Fall Home Trends 2018 Report – What’s hot for your spot!

As fall seems to have arrived, we’ve come back with the second “episode” of the “Seasonal trends” (and let us know if you like it!). After having looked for any refreshing shelter this summer to have a rest from the burning sun, now it’s time to come back home and make it be our warm, cozy nest (unintended rhyme :P). So prepare your own favorite tea and put a throw on your legs. Get ready for this short reading about “Seasonal trends”!

1) If you think about fall, which are the colors that pop up in your mind? Probably the majority of you would say brownish, warm yellow and red hues. Well, Pantone released the Fall Colors Trend report and it is not without jaw-dropping surprises!
Among the selected shades, we can admire a delicate, floral color, described as “a cultivated and refined hue [that] adds a light and airy spring-like feeling”. This is Crocus Petal (Pantone 15-3520), a sort of sweet and lighter Ultraviolet’s version. We find also Pantone 12-0740 Limelight, an effervescent, pungent yellow that is sure to captivate the attention of people.

2) Talking about home style, here is another jaw-dropping revelation! We all know that minimalism was high in home decor tendency, don’t we? Good. Now forget it and move on. The new trend for this fall is maximalism!
“Less is more,” said Mies van der Rohe. “Less is a bore,” stated Robert Venturi.
This aesthetic of redundancy is having its moment, from fashion catwalks to interior design. Look at this photo taken from AD ESPANA.

3) Put your lights on a pedestal. If you want to give your room a bit of character, consider investing on a sculptural floor lamp. Sometimes it’s just a single piece of design that can revolutionize a room. As our Museo lamp. Or browse the stunning lamps of Brabbu, the renowned Portuguese brand with scenographic design!

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