Most popular Interior design trends for the 2018
02 May 2018

Most popular Interior design trends for the 2018

We are already almost in the middle of 2018, and we have thus pretty good ideas on which trends are ruling and keep ruling the interior design and home decor scene throughout the year. If we would like to sum up the main features of the style, or styles, which are sure to dominate magazine covers, furniture stores’ catalogues and our social platforms’ feeds (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram…), we could use just a few, simple keywords: retro, chic-sophisticated furniture, precious fabrics and materials, and striking but also soft colours. Then, which are the trends to be followed for this 2018, in order to keep pace with the new interior design “dictates”? Let’s start with the materials. While 2017 has been the year of “gold rose” – flashy and definitely “feminine” – 2018 turns to a discreet more “masculine” material: brass. Particularly suited for accessories, pieces of furniture and lighting (take a look at our products on our website to get some inspirations!).
Among materials which are playing the main role this year, marble appears in the list. It is reconfirmed as one of the most appreciated and chosen ones. Used for flat surfaces, such as large tables, coffee tables or consoles, marble represents an elegant, timeless decorative element, both in its white and dark streaks and vice-versa. This year could be the time for Guatemala marble to shine! After all, its characteristic green shade winks at one of the new trends: “sage” green colour trend.
A further material to bear in mind is velvet. So soft and luxurious a fabric, it can be declined in countless forms and colour ranges – even though it finds its perfect match with red, creating retro atmospheres. When it comes to shapes, the year 2018 sees a clear prevalence of geometric, minimal lines, both for wall art and furnishings (e.g lamps and accessories).
And what about colours? In December 2017, Pantone announced which would have been the colour of the year for the upcoming 2018: UltraViolet, a blue-based shade, almost a mystical one. Take a glance on Pinterest (and, why not?, on our page) and you’ll see straightaway as this colour is already taking the scene in our feeds! On the list, we find the red colour too, as we already mentioned before, perfect if paired up with a velvety fabric. Talking about soft colours, let’s give green light to the “sage” green! An elegant and neutral shade, which represents an interesting alternative to those classic white and black palettes. So delicate when used as wall paint, and so perfect for pieces of furniture, it is a must, especially if combined with blush coloured accessories.


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