The Victorian Style
18 May 2018

The Victorian Style

How to furnish your home with that retro royal touch

The Victorian age, or era, is named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901 over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Her reign is remembered not only for having been one of the longest of the English history, but also for having produced a period of huge transformations, which affected different fields: from the scientific to the technological, from the political to the military and from the cultural to the social ones.
Especially relevant to us are changes and innovations that affected the field of home decoration, of the interior design. Indeed, a mixture of innovative elements and past inspirations (from the Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism and Gothic) created a new, unique, inimitable style, the ultimate English style, which can be considered original thanks to this eclectic and heterogeneous nature.
The Victorian style, with its rich but yet elegant look, reflected, on one hand, the austerity and refinement of the Queen, and, on the other hand, the will of the new bourgeois class to show the high social status.
The characteristics that best describe this style are the presence of elaborate decorations, especially in leaves and buds shapes. But also the addition of gold or silver details and the use of high-quality wood and precious fabrics. Pieces of furniture that dominate this design style are inlaid wood furnishings, large beds, fine mirrors and brass lamps.
So, in case you would like to give your home a touch of sober elegance, typical of late-nineteenth-century England, keywords you must remember are: “less is more”! Therefore, go for single elements that could be combined perfectly together, in order not to overload your rooms.
You could opt, for instance, for velvet curtains, low marble countertops tables, inlaid wood furnishings or candlesticks and brass lanterns. So, why not give a look at the Victorian lanterns of Badari’s B5 line, whose shapes are inspired to the Victorian style and which could definitely light and warm up your ambients, creating an old-time atmosphere with a retro sophisticated flavor.

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